Our assessment is made up of three components:

1. Personality Questionnaire

The online personality questionnaire is used to help us understand an individual’s behavioural preferences and the impact these have on how effectively they might conduct their role and responsibilities. We are particularly interested in how people lead others and work together, their organisation and thinking style, and how they manage their interactions and emotions.

2. Cognitive Ability testing

This allows us to gain an insight and understanding of how quickly and accurately individuals understand both written and verbal information, how well they are able to make fast and accurate decisions and how quickly they are able to execute their decisions. We use the verbal, numerical and logical reasoning tests from the renowned
‘TalentQ’ assessment suite.

3. Psychometric profiling

Written by highly experienced Chartered Occupational Psychologists based on the outputs from the personality questionnaire and/or ability test results to provide an informed and objective perspective on the individual candidate, and assesses how they may behave under pressure, interact with others and execute their accountabilities, their potential ‘derailers’ and the behavioural implications of their ability test scores.

Outputs, reports and feedback

In our bespoke reports, we clearly identify the five main behavioural strengths and link these into the key objective criteria within the job description and person specification. We also identify the three primary ‘risks’ or areas for probing at interview stage. We provide a set of bespoke competency-based questions to be used by the interviewing panel, allowing them to directly address any areas of concern or development at interview stage.

We will provide a full debrief before the interviews via telephone to answer any questions, and to explain the outcomes on individual candidates in more detail. After the interviews, all candidates are provided with developmental feedback on their psychometric and any ability tests taken, whether they were successful or otherwise.



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